Injection under concrete slabs | URETEK

Levelling and repair of roads and parking lot surface

Geopolymer resins injection technology gives an opportunity to repair concrete road surface in a very short time

Geopolymers allow strengthening the soil under concrete road slabs and also lift sunken elements and adjust their position.

Constant use of roads causes deterioration of their condition over time. Roads are affected by dynamic loads caused by heavy duty vehicles, but also by various environmental factors.

Concrete slabs used in construction of roads and parking lots may sink and create accident-prone situations. Such places are most common on high-traffic roads, parking lots, manoeuvring spots and loading areas.   In that case, roads need repair, which can be performed by using URETEK geopolymers injection technology.

Injection under concrete slabs

For restoring the concrete slab pavement, it is recommended to use geopolymers injection method Slab Lifting. This allows lifting sunken concrete slabs, but also level and adjust entire pavement of road section or parking lot. Slab Lifting method makes it possible to repair unsafe road sections adjacent to bridges, railway tracks, docks, loading bays, etc.

Slab Lifting method is much more efficient than traditional road repair methods, because geopolymer resins resist dynamic load well. It is also important that when using geopolymer resins, it takes only a few hours to a couple of days to restore the surface of roads or parking lots.

Meanwhile, works can be performed in stages, without closing all lanes and at the most convenient time, when road traffic is minimal.

Road section repaired using geopolymers can be used even by heavy duty vehicles already 15 minutes after completion of works. As a comparison, restoration of road section with concrete pavement, including dismantling and reinstalling of slabs can take weeks and even months.

Deep strengthening of soil

Geopolymers injection technology allows to restore concrete surface of roads and parking lots as well as strengthen the soil under the road. For that purpose it is best to use Deep Injection method. In that case geopolymers are used for increasing the load-bearing capacity of soil. Deep Injection method can also be applied to construction of new roads and highways. When geopolymers are inserted in excessively humid soil, they force excess liquid out and thus increase the load-bearing capacity of soil.

Work process

For lifting roads and stabilisation of pavement by using geopolymers, only a few holes with diameter of 12–16 mm are necessary for injection.

Injection is performed through special pipes inserted in drilled holes. When reaching soil layer or under concrete slab, geopolymer material extends, fills void and cavities and strengthens weakened soil, forces water out and lifts sunken concrete slabs gradually upwards. Lifting is monitored by using laser level with precision of up to ± 1 mm.