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Geopolymers are widely used for stopping the subsidence of load-bearing structures, re-levelling and soil stabilisation in manufacturing and industrial buildings. Geopolymer resins are suitable both for strengthening the foundations of operating businesses and for modernizing disused sites to accommodate more powerful equipment. For commercial and industrial buildings, the stability of floors and foundations is essential.

Commercial and industrial buildings impose great stresses on the structure of the building, which exacerbates the subsidence of the foundations and concrete floors. Subsiding structures pose a direct threat to the smooth everyday operation of the company and to the safety of employees.

Geopolymer injection technology provides to solve the problems of a building subsidence and soil improvement, without disrupting the day-to-day operations of the business and stopping planned financial cash flows. The mobility and flexibility of URETEK technology enables the execution of work at the client’s convenience, including at night or based on a work schedule agreed with the customer.

URETEK geopolymer injection method does not involve any demolition or excavation works, heavy machinery or the expensive transportation of the construction waste.

URETEK uses patented two-component geopolymer resins, which are injected into the soil under the concrete floor through 16mm diameter drill holes, restoring the soil’s bearing capacity and raising the subsided floors back to their original design height. Geopolymers expand in the soil, ensuring soil stability and stopping further subsidence of the concrete floors.



  • Quick solution: With patented two-component geopolymer resins and innovative technology the subsidence is stopped in 1-2 days.
  • Cost-effective: URETEK technology enables to avoid costly and time-consuming removal and re-pouring of concrete floors.
  • Environmentally sustainable: Our geopolymer resins certified and patented by our factory do not harm the soil, groundwater, people or the environment around us.
  • Material warranty: URETEK provides a 50-year warranty on its materials.

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