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URETEK technology

URETEK is a leading provider of geopolymer solutions for ground engineering and infrastructure projects. URETEK pioneering geopolymer technology offers the most advanced and accurate systems for floor and foundation re-levelling, ground stabilization and strengthening as well as void filling and water sealing.

URETEK geopolymer technology offers a non-disruptive and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods to solve foundation subsidence problems. Ground stabilization works can be completed quickly with minimal disruption to the surrounding area, which also saves customers time and money.

Our geopolymer technology can be applied to residential, commercial, and public buildings, airports, industrial floor slabs, heritage buildings, major commuter roads, railways, culverts, and other types of infrastructures.



URETEK uses the expansion properties of a mix of unique proprietary geopolymer resins to improve the soils bearing capacity and stop the subsidence of a house or infrastructural object. We do this with our unique, proprietary URETEK solution. Our expert ground and structural engineers create small 14mm holes in the ground, through which an expanding geopolymer resin is injected. Once underground, the resin follows the path of least resistance and expands to fill all of the gaps and compact the soil, gradually lifting the ground above. This process is carefully monitored with lasers to ensure absolute precision. The whole process can be carried out in just a matter of hours.

Geopolymers are strong, resilient, insoluble, and highly resistant to chemicals and long-term degradation. URETEK geopolymers have been classed as environmentally sustainable materials.

Regarding Quality Assurance, URETEK resins have been developed for almost 50 years, with properties confirmed by laboratory analysis. They have been well-proven over time in different environments where the behavior of the geopolymer resins does not change significantly, even when used in the presence of water.


Benefits of URETEK technology:

  • No Disruption to Everyday Life: The set-up time, injection procedure and curing time are accomplished, in full, in a matter of hours – rather than the days or even weeks required for alternatives.
  • Reliable: The internationally patented URETEK technologies have been used for 48 years all over the world. URETEK patented materials come with a 50-year of warranty.
  • Versatile: URETEK technology allows accurate surface realignment and repair of concrete slabs, by quite simply raising the slab back to the level it should be.
  • Economical: The cost of URETEK solutions compares most favorably with the total costs of alternative correction procedures.
  • Structural: Very high lifting power, of up to 40 tonnes per square meter (400 kPa), which can be delivered by URETEK.
  • Architectural: The small number and size of injection holes can allow injection through floor coverings and finishes, where removal may not be practical.
  • Environmentally Friendly – All services, solutions and products have been officially certified as having no negative impact on the environment. They also require no excavation or disturbing of laying ground resulting in a more eco-friendly underpinning method than the excavation-heavy alternatives.




URETEK re-levelling technology provides a fast, accurate and cost-effective solution for subsidence and re-levelling. Applications can range from domestic repairs to large industrial and commercial projects, roads and airport runways.


URETEK Ground Stabilization is a technology, where the bearing capacity of foundation soils may be continuously improved down to considerable depths – or just at a specific depth – by injection of expanding geopolymer resins. The procedure allows densification and compaction of soil directly under a building, without excavation, vibration or mechanical forces.


URETEK ground strengthening solutions consolidate the underlying ground and increase its bearing capacity, resulting in long-term foundation support. Unique, fast, and cost-effective alternative to piling and underpinning. URETEK solutions can be used to inject at depths up to 9m beneath strips, pads, and raft foundation types and can be used to remediate failed piling/ground improvement systems.


URETEK void-filling solutions use a lightweight, multi-purpose, pre-expanded structural geopolymer resin. The geopolymer resin is produced on-site, generates no heat and requires no electricity during work. As it is applied the resin displaces residual liquids and it can be applied underwater. It is ideal for filling tunnels, caves, pipelines and conduits.


URETEK Deep injection utilizes the expansion properties of a mix of unique geopolymer resins with specialized techniques to increase the bearing capacity of inadequate foundation soils under buildings and other structures. As the URETEK geopolymer resin is injected it expands, fills, compresses, and compacts weak soils and if required, lifts the structure.


PowerPile is suitable for treating subsidence and strengthening very weak ground. Narrow diameter piles incorporating an expandable casing are inserted underground via small, up to 50mm, drill holes. A highly expansive geopolymer is injected inside the casing creating a pile of up to 330 mm in diameter, which hardens almost immediately. As its compacting force against the ground is created by chemical expansion the original structure is supported almost immediately.

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