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URETEK technology

URETEK provides ground engineering and foundation repair solutions using its proprietary geopolymer injection technology.

URETEK technology provides a non-disruptive, innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly solution for stabilizing and repairing structures. Our technology offers solutions to subsidence problems for a wide range of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, airports and buildings. It can also be used for residential and commercial foundation repair, sinkhole remediation, and seawall stabilization.


Environmentally friendly technology

Compared to traditional soil improvement methods, URETEK technology is 70% faster, 30% more environmentally friendly and 20% cheaper solution

Behind everything that URETEK does is the goal of driving the transition to socially responsible ground improvement. Our values of professionalism, customer first and zero harm mean that we are always striving to provide our customers with the most convenient, reliable and cost-effective solution whilst minimising any negative impacts to people or the environment.


Trustworthy partner

Our mission is to be proficient, honest and reliable partner



“Excellent service and all the work completed as planned. The concrete floor of our warehouse was raised to the designed height in one day and we did not have to stop the work of the employees in any way. We really recommend.”


Tallinn, Estonia

“Thank you for your work. Of course I will recommend you to others because I liked the service and attitude you offered.”


Baloži, Latvia

“We received a very complete and detailed consultation on the subsidence in our house. They are professionals in their field. Excellent job. Thank you.”


Panevėžys, Lithuania

“We were concerned about cracks in our house. We contacted URETEK and received a pleasant and detailed consultation. Very professional and pleasant approach. The work was done quickly and without “surprises”. We really recommend them.”


Vilnius, Lithuania

“Thank you! You saved our house. Even though our house is not big, your care and put attention to detail was amazing. All my flowers and herb beds remained unharmed. Sorry for the stupid questions, but now I know a lot more about how it happens and why. The job was done in a few hours.”


Dreiliņi, Latvia

“We already thought that the floor was broken and lived in fear that one day the pipes might break. URETEK lifted everything in one day. The way it happens is impressive. While we were walking around the house, they were working from the outside. Quiet and invisible. Thanks guys.”


Liepāja, Latvia

“We were already very worried about the condition and safety of our home. We contacted URETEK specialists, who reviewed the situation and gave us professional advice on how to stop the subsiding of the house. Very pleasant attitude. The work was done quickly and our concern was resolved . We definitely recommend.”


Tallinn, Estonia

“It was an excellent customer experience from both the consultant and the contractor. I definitely recommend both the product and the service.”


Tallinn, Estonia

“We received very thorough information and consultation about our house. They are professionals in their field. The work achieved the maximum possible result. Thank you!”


Tartu, Estonia

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